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    Default sony speakers made by a polk designer

    anyone seen or listened to the sony ss-m7 audiophile speakers I picked
    up a set and boy they are sweet I will post pictures they have
    solid wood cabinets and peerless drivers

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    Craigslist, NY:


    The reviews on Audioreview seem positive; quite a number of folks removed a lot of lambs' wool damping material to bring these to life, though.
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    I heard them at a store years ago. They looked better to me then they sounded. I have not heard them modified with the Lambs wool damping removed. I would say from what I remember they were a bit of lacking in the bottom end(Tight but weak). Especially for a driver of this size. Probably why people played with the damping.

    These have been modded with new drivers and mids. Luckily they left the peerless tweets alone.
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    They are pretty good sounding if you feed them. They are pigs. Sony didn't sell anything in the US that would really drive them. The sort of thing that will happen when you don't give engineers parameters to go by.


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    Excellent imaging. Nice midrange in its own enclosure and looks a step or two above the Peerless Classic tweeter and woofer. A very stout cabinet.They're very much over stuffed with poly-fill [woofer] and lambswool [mid] stock.
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    Dan Anagnos came from Sony, to Polk Audio and was an engineer until around 1999. He's no Stu Lumsden but is well respected in the community and to the best of everyones knowledge, left to work with the Harman group and eventually Boston Acoustics.....just some history for you losers.

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