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    Default denon 3808CI w LSI15s

    background info:
    denon 3808ci
    outlaw amp
    fronts: lsi 15s
    rears: lsi 9s
    center: lsic
    no sub

    i used the mic setup within the denon receiver but now i feel like i'm not getting enough bass from the built in subwoofers in my lsi 15s. I can't seem to figure out how to increase the bass within my receiver. can anyone help?? sorry, i'm a newbie to the denon world.
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    Ensure your front speakers are set to Large.

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    as said be sure they are set on Large

    you can turn off the eq with the remote..see how that can also custom set the eq yourself or leave it at the flat setting..

    press setup button on the remote lil top left button...then on the system setup menu press #5 advanced playback and there you can fine tune audio playack in different modes..#4 will let you set your own eq you can boost your bass settings..i have found i like music better with the eq off..but thats me and what i think sounds best...i also like the pure direct mode for music

    on avs fourm there is a 72 page thread on the 3806..most everything is well as alot of problems encountered and how to fix them..great source of info

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