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    Default understanding Burr Brown DAC

    I have an Onkyo 805 with my Oppo DVD player connected to it with just an HDMI cable. If the receiver is receiving the signal by HDMI, does the DAC have any effect on it? If so, does it make sense to make an analog connection too and use it when playing CDs?

    (I'm kind of new to this -- last receiver I bought before this was in 1988)

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    Yes, if you're using a digital output from your DVD player then it's the DAC in the receiver that will do the job. If you use the analog output from the DVD player then it'll be the DVD player's DAC that does it.

    You typically want to try and utilize your best DAC. I don't know if it's the Oppo or your Onkyo in this case -- maybe someone else can answer that.
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    Listening to both and determining by "ear" is probably the best way to decide which DAC you like better.

    Connect your Oppo via RCA analogs as well and A/B test to the 2 inputs, see which you prefer.

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    you Onkyo Dac are better but there's more than the DAC quality that makes good sound quality.

    Try both options and keep the one you like the most! Be sure to use good quality analog interconnect ( stereo RCA)

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