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    Default bought one these 10" Passive Subwoofer RM3000

    Picked one of these passive subs locally. I have been looking on this forum for coments on how people like them, but the search brought nothing. It was made in the ealy 90s I think, and it has a couple small drivers acting on a 10" passive. I hope to use it in my basement for some extra bass. Has anyone had any experience with this?

    Here is what it looks like (this is just a pic I found on Ebay)
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    I had two sets of RM3000 (incl. the satellites) that were used in 94-2001. I had sold them both since. Served me well, matched them with Denon AVR3300. Very good sounding, the bass is plenty, albeit a tad boomy, seamless when it was paired with the matching satellites. It meant to be wired in series with the satellites. I neved tried it stand alone, so I can't comment. Give it a whirl.
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    I have this sub also. Purchased it in the mid 90's as part of a sat-sub set-up. I've also used it with a trio of RM201's and a Polk PSW404. It sounded great once I found the proper location to eliminate the phasing issues I was experiencing. I had it connected in parallel with the rm201's (one of Polk's suggested set-ups), but stopped using it because of impedance questions (using sub with sats. other than ones that it was purchased with). I've since upgraded to a pair of RTi10 and a Csi5 center. I'm willing to part with is sub. It's in perfect condition.
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    Has anyone looked inside one of these?

    I have two of these. One has the two drivers facing the passive, and one has one driver facing the passive, and the other facing away. I'm thinking that the correct way would be the two facing the passive, but wondered if anyone here knew.
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    One up one down. Polk referred to it as a push/pull system.

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