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    Question Static noise coming from RM6600 speakers

    Hi all,
    First post and quick question. Not very audio savvy, so I asked my friend to connect my RM6600 speakers to my receiver. We used 18 gauge monster wire and it's all connected to the PSW202 subwoofer and Technics receiver (model # SA-EX500). Receiver is pro logic and not 5.1. Anyways, what I notice is that when I just turn on the receiver, using any component mode that is not actually connected such as my phono or CD, there is some "static" noise similar to when a TV channel which does not transmit a signal or radio frequency is tuned in to. I also notice when using dvd, vcr, and also just watching cable TV, the noise exists.

    The noise is barely audible when the volume on the receiver is off, but as I turn the dial, it increases. The static noise comes from all the speakers, satellite and center. I've also tried switching satellites and centers around and it seems it is clearly not the speakers being faulty.

    Is this something that is "normal"? I'm guessing it could be symptom of the receiver being that it is an old receiver (circa 1997/1998), but at the moment, I paid my friend $25 for the receiver which he bought back then for ~$250-$300, I couldn't go wrong! The PSW202 sub functions fine as well. I checked the speaker wires to ensure the wires weren't frayed at all or were crossed and that the connections were all good.

    I'm stumped if there is anything simple I can do to remedy this minor annoyance or is this sound something that is normal with all speaker systems similar to this?

    Excuse the question if it seems like a silly one!

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    Hello Ron,
    Thanks for participating in the Forum. I believe what you are hearing is a signal-to-noise condition caused by the receiver's electronic circuits. Just about any piece of audio equipment, with few exceptions, will produce some type of random hissing noise. It's inevitable, electronic devices produce noise, of some kind. The real question is whether or not the noise is within the limits of acceptability of an owner. If you can't hear the noise from your regular listening position, then it's probably not worth bothering with. But, if the sound is heard from your listening position during quiet passages, then it should be looked at by a service technician. So, I guess it's all a question of degree and the sensitivity of the listener.
    I hope this is helpful information.
    Regards, Ken Swauger
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    Hi Ken,
    Thanks very much. I've been asking on different internet forums that I regularly post on and they all are giving similar advice. Some guys recommended to change to 16 gauge wire, but that alone probably won't make a huge difference?

    My friend also told me his old receiver has a switch to change impedance from 4, 6, or 8 ohms. I noticed the RM2300 & 2600 speakers (sold in RM6600 set) are all 8 ohms, so I will at least change the setting on the receiver to match speakers.

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