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    Default monitor 50's/bi-amping

    The Mon. 50's have aplace for 2 setsof wire to hook-up and the back of my Onkyo 605 has an area for bi-amping ONLY the 2 front speakers.
    A) why is bi-amping even done? better and/or louder sound??
    B) am I taking away from the other speakers if I use this capability?
    C) I think the bi-amping hook-up on the 605 is in place of using rear surrounds. Not sure. If so, can only bi-amp if I decide not go w/ a 7/1 system?

    I appreciate any insight you may have.

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    A: some get improved results by doing this but most people haven't noticed much difference. If you were using two different amps for the highs and lows you would notice more of a difference.

    B: You could be possibly taking some away from your other speakers. Your power supply in the Onk is capable of only so if you are trying to put more power to the fronts then it will have to rob it from somewhere else.

    C: can only do this if you are using 5.1.
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    thanks; great answers.
    BTW, I'm actually doing a 6.1 (CS-2 for main, 4 mon. 50's for fronts and surrounds, and just once center - CSi25 - as the rear surround(s).)

    Only have the center and fronts (and sub) hooked up right now, though. What do you think - good or dumb??

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    I too have tried bi amping with my Denon using the back 2 channels.....I didnt notice any change what so when I bought a seperate amp Rotel 993 200 wpc for my fronts and center I did notice an overall improvement in sound. A very nice improvement...

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