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    Default Removing plastic Polk logo on RT800i ?

    Now that I've taken the grills off my RT800i speakers, the black plastic bubble with the Polk logo really stands out. On my old RT800s it was really easy to just pull off, but on the rt800is it doesn't seem to budge. It has a little hole in the top that might cover over a screw or something... has anyone removed these successfully and have any tips?
    I could just tap it with a hammer and chisel but I don't want to mar the look of my speakers if they are glued on or something.

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    If it is glued on, you could try warming it up with a hair-dryer and it might come off. If it is screwed on or some other method, the heat won't hurt it anyway.

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    If I remember right,there is a VERY small phillips head screw holding the logo in place...if there is any dust or dirt in there,you can't hardly see the screw.
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    I called Polk and they said that unlike the removable logo thingee on the RT800, the one on the rt800i is part of the cabinet. They said that getting it off would not be easy and that there may be glue residue and or unpainted cabinet underneath.

    I'm just going to leave it. I don't mind the polk logo on there, I just wish it wasn't such a big black plastic bubble (especially noticeable when you remove both grilles).

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