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    Default Where to exchange for Euros

    I've been given a lot of different advice on where to get the best exchange rate for going to Europe so I thought I'd poke at the great minds of Club Polk to see what you guys think. I'm leaving next week and would like to have at least a few hundred in bills before the trip, just in case. I already called my CCs to let them know I'll be going over so they don't put a stop on my cards.


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    Your bank.

    Ask your CC companies if they charge a foreign currency conversion fee, many do.

    Don't use your CCs in eastern Europe. ;)

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    Many times your best option to get cash while in Europe is to use your ATM card. YMMV but most of the times fees are the lowest that way.

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    I find that I have gotten the best exchange rate when using my CC's in Europe. The fee's at the ABN AMRO's are usually less than at the hotels. The Euro is really strong right now so the US $ won't go far. We got killed last November in Amsterdam, it is worse now.
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    we tried to buy as much stuff with our CC as possible when in Europe because we read that it was the best exchange rate. We also just used ATM's to get cash. Most of the ATM's of large banks had english.
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    I have an account at a bank that does not charge me any fees for using ATMs outside the US (6 transactions per statement cycle). So for me, this is the best way: no fees and the best exchange rate.

    I believe the exchange rate of a Visa or Mastercard is the same as using your debit card at an ATM... specially if they carry any of those logos.

    I use to have CC without fees but all of them have change their cardmember agreement to include them. So, I've been getting cash at an ATM and pay cash everywhere... Just remember your daily and/or transaction limits :)

    In my experience, even ATMs in small towns/banks let you choose language when they notice you have a foreign card. Also, I have never been charged fees by them because it is not my banks, as they do in the US.

    Hope it helps

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    i agree with the atm-cc but if u want to have some cash handy before u go over, i would go to an american express office for the best f/x rate. with the dollar hitting an all time low today vs euro.. it doesnt go far. but have fun!!
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