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    Default RT20p's blown MW7009, 4th speaker blown in this unit!

    Setup is: HK AVR-120 Rt20p's Rt7's CS225 & a PSW1200.

    The units used to be powered on the original sony DEH-915 Dolby Digital recieiver (or whatever it was).

    My original thought was that this amp was of very poor quality, and high distortion levels were causing me to loose the speakers (never taken abouve .5 on the volume scale.

    I kept loosing subs in the Rt20p's so I purchased the BMF PSW1200 sub (I had to look for one as it was discontinued).

    Now I have a new HK AVR125 which has never seen -10dB and I lost the MW7009 mid-range about a week ago! I can't beleive this! These speakers are driving me crazy!

    Was there something wrong with the old crossovers in the 20P's that caused a high rate of failure in these speakers?

    Its not like I'm driving them hard....I live in a condo and with my setup I'd have the cops at my door instantly.
    there was no good reason for this unit to fail. and out goes another $75 bucks..........:(
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