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Thread: Over Powering

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    Default Too Much Power??

    I Recently had a DB6500 Blow out with no warning and im down to 1 speaker in my Suburban so I decided im going to purchase another set of speakers for the rear. My current gain is set to 18.36 volts using the method below I can safely go to 22.36v! The gain on the amp will only go 18.36v without going over the 22.36v needed and the next level will take it to 28.52 my question is will that be too much for the speakers or will I be ok? The speakers I plan to purchase are the MMC6500 The amp Im using is the Alpine F-545 125w RMS x 4

    Using this method with a DMM

    Voltage of the output = sqrt(RMS Power X impedance of the speaker)
    Say the amp provides 100WRMS into a 4 ohm speaker:

    Voltage = sqrt(100W X 4 ohms)
    Voltage = sqrt(400W*ohms)
    Voltage = 20V

    Also what Crossover frequency should I put them at I had the Db's @50hz with the crossovers that came with them installed hoping that would be ok. What do you guys think?
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    Im not smart enough to use a DMM or oscilloscope so I just say that the gain should never be set any higher than the "noon" position and generally set mine around the 10:00 position.

    125 watts would be just fine on a set of MMC6500's and Id start off at 63 Hz and see how that sounds and then tune from there.
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    Unfortunally with this amp it's all digital there is no knob or dial. Right now the gain is set to .5v on the amps display which turns to 18.36v on the outputs to the speaker.

    I will try the 63hz and go from there.. I think im going to mess around with the stereo settings as well to hopefully get the best sound possible.

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