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    Question RTiA9 Bi-Amping ?????

    I have new rtia9;s. I have 2 outlaw mono amps,200 wpc. Onkyo 803 receiver 130 watts. Can I run the mids and highs from the receiver .Then run the subs from the outlaw. Is that ok. ? thanks

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    It's best to bi-amp with the same amps. I would recommend trying it first the way you describe, with the receiver amps handling the highs and the Outlaws handling the lows. See how it sounds. If it's ok to you, then go with it. I've run a similar setup before and was satisfied with results, but some amps just don't play nice with receiver amps.

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    Can I damage anything ?

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    I don't see why you couldn't do it, and I don't see how you could damage anything as long as you hook things up correctly. I'm not sure you'll gain anything by doing so, as I'd take 200wpc from those Outlaws over 130wpc from a receiver anyday. But it won't hurt to try.
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    You could do it, but bi-amping in this method won't gain you anything. If it were me, I would just hook them up to the Outlaws.

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