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    Default mm cartridge burn in time

    This is a newbie turntable question that I can't find a definitive answer for. I recently purchased a new (cheap) Audio Technica cartridge for one of my turntables. Is there a burn-in period? This cartridge is on an older Pioneer table. Once installed it had much more high end (almost sibilant) with less low end kick then my Dual TT with Ortofon cartridge and sylus. Now I understand that different tables cartridges and stylus' will effect the sound but I'm hoping the highs mellow and the bass comes up a bit. I pained over the alignment vta vtf anti scate etc. I know it's setup properly. Anyone?
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    50-100 hours of playback and the cartridge should sound better. However, I wouldn't expect it to be dramatic. If your other table has noticeably more bass, it will probably stay that way. You could try increasing the tracking force and see if that helps. I'd go to the very top of the range recommended by AT.
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    Yes, it will take some time for the stylus' suspension to break in a bit and become more pliable.

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    Thanks, I'll just have to be patient and see. It doesn't sound even remotely bad and can be adjusted with bass and treble to sound very much how I like it just a little shrill at neutral on the controls.

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