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    Default Need help all valuable info needed <---newbie

    Good evening gentleman, ladies and to the ones that dont know what they like.

    I just started this Home theather addiction, yes addiction cause you start by saying oh I just want a cheap receiver and some speaker.....cough cough I am hooked I have been upgrading from some element 29.99 speakers all the way up to polk, yes my wife hates me cause I have bought 4 sets in 1 month (Thanks for those stores with return policy) OK heres what I have so far yes I know is not the best but like I said I just I just started a month ago......

    Receiver = Yamaha rx-v2700

    Front speakers = Monitor 40's

    Center Channel = CS1

    Rear Speakers = 2 denon SC-A76

    Subwoofer = Denon sub

    OK the room is a 12x12 with carpet ..yes I have a tile under the sub, the main operation of the system is movies.

    Ok i need help with rears and sub, can I mix speakers ? can the M20 work good as rear speaker or get m50? I hear polk doesnt make good subs? any help will be appreciate and thanks for reading.
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    Welcome to the club theboricua.

    First, yes you can mix speakers. While the sound will not be optimal I am sure it will be acceptable, only your ears can decide. Then later if you want you can get matching rear speakers. I am guessing your plan is to move the M40's to the rear if you get M50 as the front pair which would work great. But you have a fairly small room so I am sure the M20 would work just as well with the M40's up front with a good sub.

    As for the Polk sub question. I don't have a lot of experience with the Polk subs but I hear good things about the new DSW Pro series. You can also do a search and will find recomendations for SVS, Epic, HSU, the list goes on and on. IMO in HT the two most important speakers are the center and the subwoofer with the sub being the most important to me. I would pick a budget, do research and choose this item carefully. Again your room is fairly small so you will not need a lot of sub to fill it.

    Happy hunting :).
    AVR: Elite VSX-21TXH
    Amplifier: B&K 7250 Series ii
    Misc: Velodyne SMS-1
    Mains: RTi-10
    Center: CSi-5
    Rear: Boston DSi460
    Sub: SVS PC-Ultra
    TV: Panasonic TC-P58V10
    DVD: Panasonic DMP-BD60K

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    Thanks for the info , ill try to keep the 40's upfront and the towers in back for the following the reason i dont have tables or stands for rear speaker and thanks for the reply.

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