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Thread: Omni S8 sub

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    Default Omni S8 sub

    Hello all:

    I'm in the process of upgrading my system from a Polk RM 10 system with the PSW10 sub. My receiver is an Onkyo SR705.

    My new speakers on order are the R150s for satellites (front and surrounds), and the CSR center.

    When I can afford it, I want to upgrade my sub. I've tried the PSW110 and really didn't like it (significant loss of punch compared to the PSW10, and other problems as well).

    I'm constrained more by available space & aesthetics (and somewhat cost) than anything else. I'd like the depth of the cabinet to not exceed 17", preferably less.

    On one hand, I want a sub with really good punch and low distortion, that can handle movie LFEs without problems. As far as music, I don't listen to pipe organ solos, so 16 Hz is not a necessity! ;)

    My HT room is 13' x 14'.

    I've looked at HSU, Epik, SVS. All the models they offer are much deeper than I would like, although I'm sure they sound wonderful.

    The Polk DSW500 is an option, although a little deeper than I'd like. But I'm a little leary about the control circuitry. I'd rather opt for a sub that is well designed, from the viewpoint of having a great driver, cabinet, and amplifier, rather than one that has a built in signal processor, remote control, etc.

    Recently I've read some positive reviews on the Mirage Omni series. I'd really be interested in the Omni S8. Even though I didn't want to go down to an 8", the specs and reviews on this unit are really impressive. It really seems to be much more capable than most 10s. Here's one review link:

    So if anyone has opinions on this particular model, or any of the others in the Omni series, I'd love to hear them.


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    I'm satisfied with my Mirage S12 sub. It does a great job for HT and music. Buy the 8 incher or even better buy the 10" in the flea market.

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    I'll tell you one thing - I had a Polk Surroundbar and just got rid of it in favor of a pair of Mirage Omnisat V2 FS. It's like going from DVD to HD. Based on that I can't recommend Mirage products highly enough! I still like Polk to some degree (although I don't currently own any of their products), but for my money Mirage is vastly superior.

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