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    Default Thiel 03a vintage speakers - Yard sale find...Anyone have experience with Thiels?

    I found a pair of Thiel 03a 3-way speakers circa 1980's at a yard sale last week. The speakers came with the original boxes and have the Teak laminate finish. Overall they are in pretty good condition. The foam surrounds on the 10 inch woofers were dry rotted. I refoamed the woofers and the speakers sound pretty good. I have done some research and it appears they were supposed to come with a seperate equalizer (to enhance bass...)? Mine did not have such an equalizer with it.

    Has anyone had any experience with Thiels or this model in particular?

    I bought the speakers for $30 BTW.


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    One of the first time aligned speakers ever, and also from Thiel. Time aligned physically, due to the slope of the cabinet. The 03B was the last incarnation, and they follow the basic principles still today. They didn't worry about crossover (electronic) compensation, Jim truely believed that the drivers needed to be time aligned physically on the baffle.

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    Congrats on the find. I have never heard Thiel speakers but would love to hear the CS3.7's.
    Michael ;)
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    I have a set of Thiel 3.6.
    They are the most refined speaker my ears have ever heard.
    Simply beautiful sounding. Extremely delicate yet powerful.

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