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    Default Mixing RTi with RTi A Series

    Right now I've got a 5.1 with RTi12's, CSi5, and FXi3's. I am finally building a dedicated theater room and want to go to 7.1. I assume that the RTi A series is a good match (since I can no longer find the old series) but had 2 quick questions:

    1. Is it worth it to go with FXi A6's or will FXi A4's be ok?

    2. If I go with FXi A6's should I then use them as side or rear? Not sure if either position puts out more sound than the other.

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    bump, because it's a good question that I would like to know as well! :D

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    What's your room size and what are you currently using to power your 5.1 setup? Depending on the answers to those questions, I would most likely recommend skipping the 7.1 setup and going with better amplification of your current speakers.
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    No complaints from me on my FXi A4's. For me I choose the side postion and the RTi 6's for the rears.

    The placement depends on your room. I choose the side, and set them to Dipole. After you get them see what placement you prefer.
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    go for a pair rti3s if you can find them for your rears, use the fxi3s as your side surrounds.
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    What about using FXiA speakers for rears instead of A1's or A3's. Would FXiA's be better? I currently have the A1's on my side walls, but almost touching my back wall. I'm looking to upgrade to either the A3's or the FXiA's. Oh any i am only running 5.1 because of my room setup.

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