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    Default Monitor Audio GR10 vs Polk LSI9

    Has anyone heard the Monitor GR10s? I found them onsale and was considering buying them. Are they compared to Polks Lsi series?? Im running a Onkyo 805 and Im affraid to run it with 4 ohm speakers. So im trying to find a comparable speaker to the LSI that is 8 ohm. Any recommendations will be appreciated.
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    I have a pair of GR10's,but I have never had a decent demo of the LSi9's for a comparison.

    I will say that I'm very happy with Mon 10's...crisp,clean,detailed,quick and accurate.

    Very pleasing to my ears...don't know if they will go as deep as the 9's,but they do very well on the low end.

    Got mine from Saturday Audio,the GR10's have been replaced with the GS10...same drivers and x-overs,just a little different cabinet design.

    Don't think you would be disappointed at all.
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