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    Default Fatman iTube & Dock

    I have seen a little info on these and wonder if you folks had any experience with this one. I may look at one for my son and his ipod. As for speakers, no idea. I have no idea of the retail value. Here are the specs. Thanks.

    Power Output - 13 watts x 2 ch.
    - Frequency Response 20Hz 20KHz (1.5dB)
    - Harmonic Distortion 0.5%
    - Signal-To-Noise Ratio 86dB
    - Input Impedance 100K - Output Impedance 4ohm, 8ohm
    - Valve Type 2 x 6N1(ECC85) 1 x 6E2(EM87)
    - Power Supply AC100~120V/50~60Hz AC220~240V/50~60Hz
    - Dimensions:
    -Amp: (LxWxH) 101/2x6x51/4 (260x145x130mm)
    - Dock: (WxDxH) 6x51/4x5(155x130x123mm)
    Weight: 4.3KGs shipping weight - 17 lbs
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    They are essentially a tube buffered SS amp that can drive 4 ohms speakers. The are not major power houses obviously, but I did drive my RTA15rdo's with it. Good SQ slightly weak on the lower bass, and a very good build quality. They were very popular around here right before Christmas. Nice headphone stage too.
    Please. Please contact me a ben62670 @ Make sure to include who you are, and you are from Polk so I don't delete your email. Also I am now physically unable to work on any projects. If you need help let these guys know. There are many people who will help if you let them know where you are.

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    They used be all over eBay (HMS-100) For as little as 100 bucks plus 30 bucks shipping. I scored one for $150 shipped and use Polk R-15s for the speakers.

    Not a bad little piece and sounds nice (better than most of my friends "stereo systems")
    Sometimes when I'm playing a a good loud volume the amp cuts off and goes in protection mode. You just need to power down and turn the volume down.

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    I've got one & MIGHT consider parting with it in order to help fund another audio purchase. I paid $200 bills right here on the forum.
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    Like these guys ALMOST said, we had a bunch of those go through here at Christmas. They were the exact same amp and ipod dock as the Fat-man, AND included a pair of speakers. They were marketed by a company called HCT, and the product was HMS-100. They were selling a lot cheaper than the Fat-man stuff, and the only difference was the Fat-man stencil on the Fat-man products. In fact, Fat-man published a disclaimer somewhere saying the other products were "definitely of inferior quality". Sure they were. They were the exact same thing.

    There may still be a few on the auction site. I'd try that before I paid big dollars to Audio Advisor or some place like that. Last retail value for the Fat-man was $300-$400 for just the amp and ipod dock. The little speakers that came with the HCT product are okay, especially if you're not in the same room with them.

    In fact, a member here at CP may still have a brand new HCT system, still in the box. Speakers and everything.
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