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    Question LPA 1 on Onkyo 805

    Iím thinking of getting Emotiva LPA 1 which is 125 w per channel. To use with my Onkyo 805 will there be improvement on sound especially home theater or it is just a waste of money since they have both same wattage per channel.
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    The LPA-1 should be a huge improvement. Just do it.
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    You will notice a big difference in the sound with the LPA-1. If your unning a 7.1 system, you might have to decide if you want to power the rears (ch 6 & 7) thru the LPA or the Onkyo as they as those channels are 50w each.

    For the $'s it is hard to beat the LPA's performance and what it adds to the HT.

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    I'm using an Onkyo 703 (100w x7) for 5.1. I decided to end my used amp search by ordering a new LPA1 this evening. I can't wait.

    Everything I read says good reviews, good warranty, and good customer service at a good price. ...30 days return if not satisfied.

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