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Thread: DB651 problems.

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    Default DB651 problems.

    hi i bought a set of DB651 6.5 speakers, and hooked them up to a amp. Blew the first set.. had them replaced and used a lower wattage amp and now all i am getting is static in one speaker and no sound in the other.. my battery is in the trunk and i have a 2gauge cable going to it to a block where i splice off my subwoofer amp and the amp powering the speakers. the amp is a Kicker KX200.2 200 Watt 2 Channel Amplifier..... i am very disppointed with my product right now...... but i know they will be great once i get them up and running!!! any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Welcome to club Polk jllentz--- you'd probably find a bit more help in the car audio section of the forum -- hope you find the problem

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