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    Thumbs up RM6000 subwoofer - problem solved.

    Hi all, This is my first post here so hello everyone.

    Since purchasing an RM6000 surround sound system a few years ago and setting it up in the recommended manner I have experienced excellent performance from it.

    Yesterday after finishing a DVD and putting in another the subwoofer stopped working. I tried the usual test button on my Yamaha remote and the left, centre, right and left and right back speakers are OK but nothing at all from the subwoofer. I have checked that it has power and also checked cabling which all looks OK. There is no obvious damage to the subwoofer.

    I have read the owners manual but can't see anything there to help me solve this so I'm seeking advice please.



    Edit - I have already found that it was not the subwoofer that was the problem, it was the second DVD. Because I haven't used the speaker test for some time I forgot that the recommended wiring method means the subwoofer doesn't use the amp subwoofer connection so hence its silence during the test. Using a different DVD showed there was no problem at all apart from that with the DVD itself.

    So to sum up, continued great performance from the RM6000. :)

    Of interest I notice the new Surroundbar and will have to consider one of those for our other TV system.


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