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    Default Weird Intermittent problem RTI A7

    for some reason when either streaming mp3's or playing cd's thru my xbox 360 via hdmi into my onkyo 805 I'm getting a buzzing on some songs and tracks, it sounds like a blown midrange, and can be heard on both speakers at any volume. play the same track again, its gone! very random when it happens. now when I play audio thru my HDDVR via hdmi, no problems at all.. has anyone else had a problem like this? what do you think the problem may be? Thanks Tryton

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    i'm not sure what the problem is.. but I would think it's with your Onkyo 805 and not the speakers.. because it clears itself up the next time your play something. if it didn't, and you were getting the buzzing every time on every source.. then maybe it might be your speakers.. but that isn't happening.

    It may be the way your receiver is sending the audio signal via the HDMI cable... it may be bad, or there may be some kind of compatibility issue between the two units.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Have you tried a hard reset of the receiver? If you have not, unplug it and wait about 5 minutes before plugging the unit back in. See if that happens to take care of the issue.
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