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    Default How many Monitor 10 versions are there ?

    I'd like for someone to tell me if the Monitor-10 line of Polks had sequential versions similar to SDAs. I've seen 10Bs written about on here and wondered if there was also a 10, 10A & 10C produced,if so, are they labeled to indicate which ones they are? If they aren't, how else can they be identified, and which version is viewed as the best, or maybe, needing the least upgrade
    work and money? Were they sold with both vinyl & wood veneers, and also, were they ever built with tweeters other than the 2000 type,maybe ones that are a little smoother sounding ? I know that newbies ask a lot of pain in the ass questions of you old timers,but its the best way to avoid making big mistakes! If anyone could give me a short course on the 10s it would be a big help! Thanks gdb PS; current values would be nice to know too.

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    Here is a complete list of the classic Polk speakers; Monitor 10s included. That website is a very good resource.

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    current values for any version of monitor 10 range from $150 on the low end to about $275 on the very high end.

    of course there are exceptions... sometimes you'll see a pair go for $100 or less, but that is somewhat rare.

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