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    Default Setup with Polk RTi A7


    I'm new to the forum and the Polk world. I currently own 10 years old Kenwood home theater system that sounds like *(&$/. I think I'm ready to upgrade now. What I want to do is buy a set of front speakers and a receiver first, and buy the center, surrounds and sub later.

    I went to listen to the RTiA7s three times in the last two months... and I have to say I'm IN LOVE with them. In fact I dream about them every night... So from what I saw on this forum, they seem to be great speakers. I saw only one person who disagreed... (a guy from Israel I think). I compared them to Klipsch RF82s, various Energy models, and everytime I prefered the RTiA7s.

    So I am wondering which receiver I should buy. I was thinking about the Yamaha HTR-6180 and I want to have your opinion on this. Is it powerful/good enough to drive the RTiA7s? Of course I would buy the HTR-6160 because it has all the features I'm looking for and it's a lot cheaper, but I doubt it would be enough for the speakers... what do you think?

    Thanks for your help guys,


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    Before you go ahead and make the speaker purchase, you should read these threads as well. One is about the RTia9's but they are very similar and use the same drivers as the a7's.
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    I would buy the receiver.. along with a two channel amp.. and the RTiA7 speakers... that will hold you till you can get the rest of the speakers..
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