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    Default Devil may cry 4 looks pretty cool.

    I downloaded the benchmark and got an S score.It means gaming sick style.So my rig has the speed to play this game.So now Im downloading the demo.It has two levels you can play and the boss fight looks amazing.So check it out at fileplanet guys n gals.
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    have on ps3 but haven't played much but it's doesn't seem to bad
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    It's fun.

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    I've been meaning to pick this one up. I don't know what system I want it for. It's great on both 360 and ps3. I've played both demo's.
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    I was digging DMC4 on the 360... until you change from Nero to Dante... and have to basically go through the same levels you just went through, just with a different character. Once you've spent half the game using the grapple arm mechanic, not having it SUCKS. After two levels with Dante, I traded the game in.

    Buyer beware. You'll be repeating levels, including fighting every boss twice.

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