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Thread: Sound Quality

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    Default Sound Quality

    Hi everyone,

    I last posted here a year or so ago when I had questions on how to setup my sound system to a Yamaha receiver.

    Now I have a slightly different question: ever since we bought this laptop, with Conexant High Definition drivers, I noticed the difference in quality. And then I listen to my car-radio and brother's radio, and it seems like my surround sound is a lot deeper and less refined. Even when I plugin the laptop to the receiver, the quality drops significantly. My brother's Logitech Z2300 has better sound right now than I ever did. So now I'm wondering if it's because of the speakers themselves, or just how the software in the receiver is setup.

    My Polkaudio product is an RM6750 and my Yamaha is an HTR-5930.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi sc4s2cg,

    It appears Polk have removed from their education pages how to hook up the "Polk" way. I have copied the best hook up from your manual below - I still connect my sub this way even with the LSi9s and a PSW505 - it just sounds better to me. Hope this helps:

    OPTION #2—
    Two channel or Dolby® Pro Logic receiver with no “Sub Out.”
    If you elect to use the speaker level inputs, use two-conductor 16 gauge or thicker
    speaker wires. See your Polk dealer for wire recommendations.
    Note that one of the speaker input terminals on the rear of the speaker is marked red (+)
    and the other black (-). Make certain that you connect the wire from the red (+) terminal
    of your receiver to the red (+) terminal on your speaker, and the wire from the black (-)
    terminal of the receiver to the black (-) terminal on your speaker. Speaker wire has some
    indication (such as color coding, ribbing, or writing) on one of the two conductors to help
    maintain consistency. If your subwoofer doesn't seem to produce much bass, it is most
    likely that one of the speaker wires is connected backwards. Double check all connections
    for correct polarity.
    Strip 1/2" (12mm) of insulation from each of the two conductors on both ends to expose
    the bare wire. Twist the exposed wire of each conductor to form two un-frayed strands.
    • Connect the left and right front speaker outputs of your receiver to the speaker level
    inputs of the powered subwoofer using speaker wire.
    • Then, connect the left and right front speakers using speaker wire from the speaker
    level outputs from the powered subwoofer.
    • Connect the Center Channel Speaker directly to the center channel output from your
    • Connect the Rear Surround Satellites directly to the rear or surround channel outputs
    from your receiver.
    • Receiver Settings:
    • Front speakers = LARGE
    • Subwoofer = “OFF” or “NO”
    • Center and Surrounds= SMALL
    • Crossover Frequency= 120 Hz
    Regards - Gaz from the land of Oz

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    Emotiva MPS-2 7 Channel Amp (driving all LSi's)
    Emotiva XPA-2 (driving RTiA9s)
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    Belkin - Pure AV PF40

    Denon AVR-3808
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    Polk Audio SurroundBAR - PSW250
    Fujitsu P42HHS10W/P42HHS10A 42' HD Plasma - HD STB

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    How are you getting the sound from the laptop to the receiver?

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    Thank you for the quick response!

    I will try to double check VXR8's recommendation as soon as I can.

    Zingo, I am using a simple wire. One end is the standard headphone-jack and the other end splits into a red and white jack. Like the kind we can plug into a tv.

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    sometimes outputs can distort iv the volume is up top, try reducing the volume on the laptop to about 70%. not likley the cause but just an idea.

    i often find that 128kbps mp3's sound even worse thrugh a bass heavy system.
    maby check the yammy for eq settings or bass and treble , on the display it may say somethig like "tone" or whatever indicating this.

    maby your sub is just too loud and too dominant in the soundstage?? try what vrx8said or maby just turn it down?
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