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    Does the k&n really improve fuel economy?

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    Pick up a K&N filter cleaning kit, and it will tell you that you want to run water through the filter from the inside to the outside so the dirt that is in the filter gets forced back out by the flowing water, rather that driving it further into the filter by running water over the outside.
    So by that explanation of how to get it clean, you can see why dropping the filter in a sink of soap and water isnt the best way to do it, it would get some dirt out, but also push some dirt further into the filter.
    I've used K&N filters on all my motorcycles and cars since I was a kid and that's over 30 years now.
    There's nothing better than a K&N filter.
    Here's a good tip....
    If you want more miles out of the filter without cleaning it, just slide the foot section of an old pantyhose over it to act as a pre-filter.
    It will stop most of the larger dust and and road debris as well as insects from clogging up the filter too fast.
    All you need to do is pull it off and shake it out or replace it a few times a year.
    A pre-filter is also highly recommended for dusty off-road environments.

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    Power washer on full blast, with a small child behind it.

    I run K&N in all my vehicles, even the work truck. Have I noticed increased gas mileage? No but I haven't paid much attention in 20+ years either. My foot would ruin any benefit anyways but I like to hear the "breathy" sound when I stomp on the pedal.

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    I don't know if this would work or not but someone mentioned using the K&N recharge kit. There is also a filter cleaning tool that I've used on my truck & shop-vac called Power Pic Pro. It fits on a garden hose or like I do, I just hook it up to my kitchen sink with an adapter and use hot water to clean it..... There is another tool called Filter Flosser too. Hope this helps

    Quote Originally Posted by Serendipity View Post
    How do you clean the air filter properly? I've heard stories about doing this incorrectly and causing damage to some part (MAF??)

    Jstas...and others, maybe you could help me figure this out :)


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