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    For adding sub woofer you need adapter that converts speaker output into RCA connections. For this you need power amplifier and speakers etc.

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    Default would like a diagram.... think

    Quote Originally Posted by pentavolvo View Post
    if you tap the input side of the amp you dont even need a line out converter you can just splice some rca plugs in and get your signal there

    pm me ur email address and i can get u a diagram

    So that was the original post but i'm not sure if this is exactly the same kinda thing i'm lost on...I'm going to be putting a sub and amp in a 2004 Bonneville but want to use the factory head problem lies with weather or not the factory head unit will have rca outs to feed the signal to the amp, or if it has a spare wire to provide a power turn on to the amp....I'm by no means a dummy on the stereo install topic i've just ever used a factory head. Rather than ear it all apart to find out I would rather research n know beforehand. Please email me back at with any knowledge you might have....suggestions are always welcome. Thank you

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    AudioControl LCi2 is what you need. From there add your choice of amp and sub. Simple.
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    the best bang for buck i've found is the infinity bass link 2 very good imo

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    amp may have a high/low level input right on the amp... than no need for a SLOC

    if not consider a audio control LC2

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