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    Default Elite 94 or Denon 3808CI

    Which one give warm sound like b&k? I am thinking of get one of this to use as pre-amp.
    Thank a lot guy.
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    dunno about the Pioneer but I do not like the sound of the Denon... very dull, sterile sound. It just seems lifeless. Why not try the Onkyo TX-NR905 or TX-SR875? They are in the same price range. Rated at 130wpc. These babies weigh in at 50+ lbs and the weight is in the power supplies, which means better reserves for peaks. Also the power supply for the video is seperate from the audio. The Onkyo has better imaging and sounds a lot more solid in the bottom end without being boomy.

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    The Pioneer ELite will be alot closer but not a B&K by any means. B&K is light years ahead of both of them in terms of sound quality.
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    By dull and sterile, I think he means warm...haha!

    I'd take the Denon in a heartbeat. Love the onscreen display on 3808. Love the ethernet connectivity. You can listen to over 11,000 internet radio stations, stream music off of your pc, and control the receiver through your pc web browser. Also nice that you can delete sources that you don't use, so you don't have to scroll through the things that aren't hooked up (nice if your other half doesn't know how to run stuff!) I actually find the Onkyo's to have sloppy bass. Everyone has their own opinion I guess.

    Here is one of the 3808 product sheets with some good info, if you haven't seen it.

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