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    Default Replaced x-overs for the first time

    Bought crossovers on ebay for KSF10.5's Never had to do this before, but today i repaced some crossovers for the first time ever..i took my time and it took around 15 min per speaker. Not a big deal. But it was to me. I rather enjoyed it. I have opened up stereos. Cleaned them. Replaced belts on tape players and other odd thing.but never this. I always wanted to upgrade the sda' tweets when i had them but didnt..anyway thought id share my experience..have a great day all
    HT-SDA1c Yamaha-RXV1-Denon-POA2200-HK DVD25-Cs400i-Monitor4's-Premier Acoustic150
    2ch-SDA2b-ADCOM GFA-555-565-600-555-YaQinCd2-Pioneer PL-630-AKAI GX210d

    Yamaha-CA810-CT810----- No Speakers Yet
    Marantz SR1000-Pioneer PM120 workbench set up

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    Congrats and it is a lot of fun!

    And the results were...

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    It came out great. The tweeter on one wasnt working--i have never had issues with xovers--i switched them out,so it wasnt tweeter....NOT SURE IF THIS IS WHY--i have a 3/4 ton truck. In transport i stopped at a local DDonuts. Near the place i hit a speedbump doing 3 mph. My 4-4 2500 bucks like a wild horse--could that have broke xover ? Anyways. I replaced it and it works perfect now..50.00 speed bump.

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