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    Default Denon AVR Setup Advice Please (xpost on AVS)

    Just purchased a Denon AVR-3808ci - since bought from Crutchfield I've got 30 days to test.

    Are there any owners here of this (or similar) have any setup advice...

    Firstly: is it vital that run all the updates before doing anything else (not sure where my 100' enet cable is lurking)

    Are there are any gotcha's, counter-intuitive settings, or options to look out for. (I'm already comfortable with Audysses setup - assuming similar to Onk's)

    should it matter, will be connecting to: 2 dvd players (one does SACD), a panny recorder, TWCable box, Sony LCD, wii, iPod, And Parasound Amplifier
    LR Setup:
    Polk RTi10's, RTi6's, CSiA6 (5 ch setup)
    Onkyo 705 & Denon 3808ci Receiver, Onk 875
    Parasound 2250 Amp
    Sony 26" KDL series Bravia LCD
    Panny DMR-EH75 Recorder
    Panny DVD-F87 (5 disk DVD player)
    NAD T585 (DVD/SACD)
    Yamaha DVD-C961 (5 disk SACD/DVD)
    SciAnt Explorer 8500HD Cable Box
    Orig & 5Gen iPods, , Wii

    400 disk player that handles ALL formats, sounds as good as NAD with Panasonic interface & compatability.

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    u shud verify your firmware and apply all applicable patches... just to avoid figuring out problems as the original firmware was kinda buggy. the rest shud be normal hookups like the Onkyo.

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    Sydney AUSTRALIA


    Hi xandra,

    I have the 3808 as well - damn fine machine! Yes, I ran all the updates as well and I have to tell you, the Audysses is essential. I listened to 2 channel initially with out the set up and it was a little depressing - running the auto setup transforms it to like a night and day difference. I still listen to 2 channel through Pure Direct, but the crossovers that the auto set up makes all the difference.

    If you are as happy as I am, you'll be keeping it!
    Regards - Gaz from the land of Oz

    Denon AVR-4520
    Emotiva MPS-2 7 Channel Amp (driving all LSi's)
    Emotiva XPA-2 (driving RTiA9s)
    Cambridge Audio Azur 851C / 850E / 752-BD
    Polk Audio Cherry LSi9s - LSiC - Cherry LSi7s - PSW505 - RTiA9s
    Panasonic TH-P60UT50A 60' 3D Plasma
    Foxtel Digital HD+
    Belkin - Pure AV PF40

    Denon AVR-3808
    Denon DVD-3930
    Polk Audio SurroundBAR - PSW250
    Fujitsu P42HHS10W/P42HHS10A 42' HD Plasma - HD STB

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    jon: thanx for firmware advice, luckily found my 100 footer...
    just can't keep connected permanently as my 8port router already maxed out. Assume I can plug it in from time to time to check for updates. Hope this will not be a prob.

    VX: I concur, I'll be running Audysses (as soon as I can get dog out of the house) I'm really floored by how good a job it does.

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    If you have any other questions about the 3808, shoot me a PM.

    Money Talks, Mine says Goodbye Rob!!!!
    "My Theater Room"

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