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Thread: GM stock: Buy?

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    Default GM stock: Buy?

    GM stock is looking very tempting at $10/share and was wondering if anyone else had some input on this?

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    No input, but was thinking the same thing.

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    A lot of stocks I was thinking of buying have just kept going down...gigm comes to mind. HK has been very friendly to me though.
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    I throw out Motorola at $8 or so, just not sure many are low but some are just dogs.

    GM is tempting but there's a bankruptcy cloud over them right now, some analysts stated.

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    GM might go out of Bussiness, they are in Trouble.
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    Im no stock wizard by any stretch of the imagination but if I were in the market I wouldnt hesitate to buy some GM stock. GM is a monster company and has been around for a loooong time. I have a real hard time thinking they will go quietly into the night. News out for last quarter - even tho they lost money, they lost less than Toyota. I think theyll pull it together and get things fixed and while they may not ever be back on top, I dont doubt theyll be a major player again.

    So I think that for a LONG TERM investment, a bunch of $10 GM shares would be a good idea.

    Ford not so much. Theyre losing money hand over fist yet show no signs of doing anything to fix it. Theyre cars are still boring and theyre trucks are still falling apart. I dont see this with GM or even Chrysler for that matter.
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    At a total stock value of 6-7 Billion, a similar output to Toyota (160 Billion), long term and well known marks and branding, it's a dog, but an attractive one. If it goes to $8 there's little room to fall, and any talks of buyout/bailout would give you the get-out-bump. Long term it could be very interesting. The Volt might not suck.

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    When you think about how cheap the dollar is...$8.00-10.00 a share doesn't sound like a bad buy.

    My uncle,who is 83 years old right now,retired from GM several years ago...He was a lead design engineer...worked on the Lemans and the GTO projects.

    He had aquired a huge amount of stock in his 30+years,worth $80-90 bucks a share at one time...he always called the Co. "Generous Motors"

    Shame that things have turned out as they have.
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