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    Default Looking for some advice on settings.

    I have an 05 Altima, with MMC6500 seperates in the stock door location, MMC690 in the rear deck all driven by a 65x4 amp. I have a mm2124 sub driven with about 350 watts. and a pioneer FHP800BT receiver. I've recently added the HU, and can't seem to get the settings right to get the sq I'm looking for.
    Anyone got any suggestions for settings, crossover points etc? I'm really out of my element with the mobile audio and any help/advice/suggestions will be appreciated.


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    I can only assume you are running, all four speakers from the amp? you may want to consider running an active setup if your head unit will allow. This will mean using your amp to drive your mids and tweets utilizing your all speaker inputs for your components. Some amps can do it also, but I much prefer the head unit or audio processor to take on this task. Not a whole lot of head units will do this.

    To keep your current setup, try setting your highpass filter to 80hz, low pass to 80hz and adjust up or down from there. If you do not have a high and low pass filter you will want to tweak them at the amp but you will not get much SQ from a setup like this. I have found that the markers on amps are a good guideline but are never on for figuring your xover. Be patient and use your ears.

    Also, the speakers tend to take a little bit to break in and you may want to adjust your tweets at the xover . . .most of the time they are to "bright" and you have some adjustments to reduce their output.

    If running active, I remove the xovers. But you need a good head unit or you can damage your stuff. Also, if you have your gain set to high it can introduce some noise. Plus if your head unit allows disable the internal amp. This will produce cleaner sound.

    I am just a hobbyist. I am sure you will get some more advice from some of the gurus.

    Oh yea, don't forget the sound deading - it makes a huge difference.
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    Just off the top of my head, try this:

    -Flip the tweeters on the MMC6500's down -6 db

    -High pass the front channel on the amp at 80 Hz

    -Turn off the high pass on the rear channels. Let the MMC690's roll off natrually.

    -Turn the gain on the rear channels down a little so that they blend rather than overpower the fronts. You want your stage to be in front of you and your rear fill should be just that, "rear fill", not "pull everything to the rear".

    -If the low pass filter on the sub amp is variable, set it to 70 Hz.

    Try these and see what you think and then tweak from there.
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    Thank you for the guidance. I think that will give me a good place to start.

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