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    Default DEAD RT 1000 need some help please.

    Hi all,
    I have been the appy owner of a set of RT1000s for years now.
    A few days ago the sub (built in) seemed to die and started to make some feedback. Since I have two subs (one in each speaker) I elected to just shut off the one acting up. Now the whole speaker seems to be dead. There is no power light coming on and a funny beep beep when the speaker is plugged into the wall outlet.

    1. ANy ideas what is wrong? (I suspect) power supply.
    2. Any idea if repair is an option and what kind of $$$ we are talking?
    3. Who could repair in the Toronto Canada area?
    4. What is a compareable speaker or better today?
    5. Anyone have a signle RT1000 available?

    Thanks a great deal.

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    Hello Kevin,
    Thanks for participating in the Forum. It would be best to email our Canadian manager, Walter Moser, at He will refer you to a service center near you.
    Regards, Ken

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    Walter Moser is a great guy :).

    Regarding the repairs, they should be easy to do - I fixed both of my subs amps when I bought my RT1000p's about three years ago. Funny, each had a different problem, but both were easily fixable.
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    I have the same problem happen to me recently. I bought my RT1000's from Good Guys in California back in 2001 and have loved them ever since. I even bought the 10 year ESP warranty, but I have recently heard that Good Guys went out of business back in 2005...I have not lived in Cali since 2002, so I didn't know until I looked up the warranty info.

    Anyhow, I have an extra RT1000 speaker (thanks to JTGranby...I knew the extra RT1000 would help out one day...) that I will probably just swap out the amps, but is the amp fixable or cost effective to fix? Or, can I just bypass the amp wiring and use the tweeter and mid-woofer by wiring direct (since I use these as surrounds, I really don't need the sub). I already have the front RT2000 subs and the A/D/S sub hooked up in my HT system. To answer my own question...I probably need to wire through the crossover, so I can't wire direct...

    PS - I know Boogaboo hasn't posted since, but Ken...if you can help that would be great.


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