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    Default Samsung 52" Series 6 stand screws.

    I have wall mounted it, but I cannot get the screws out stand post that connects to the LCD itself. The screws are loose but will not release the short post. It is almost as if there are washers holding it in. The screws turn freely with a screwdriver, but will not come out.

    This is a beautiful TV for anyone who is looking. I looked and watched for a month. I bet I spent 2 hours during one day at Sears. I watched the promo loop for at least 12 cycles. I would scan the room and watch a different TV for a while, but my eyes kept coming back to the Sami. I would look at the Bravia; It was close to the Sami, but the price tag was not.I caught it on sale at CC in Ohio for $2,400 out the door. Sears wanted $3200! I have yet to see a Blu-ray player on it, but the hockey playoffs were AMAZING! With the 120 hz refresh, you could see every spin of the puck. Every chunk of ice that broke free. I have consciouly7 looked for ghosting and have vound very little to report. The contrast is breath taking; my test for that is to watch the credits closely. The whites are white and the blacks, are black and the difference between the credits and background is distinct.And all of this was on Comcast which is notorious for their compression rate. We passed on tickets to a game, and spent the money on the Sami. I have to say to this point it may be the best HT deal I have found.

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    I have the Samsung 46A550 and had the same problem. Here's what I did. You loosen the screws as much as you can, then you and another person pick up the TV and gently shake it up and down with the screen facing the floor while wiggling the stand. Eventually the screws will fall out. There are no washers. It is an incredibily poor stand design but a great TV. Good luck! A magnetic screw driver might work as well.

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