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    Default 300wx2@4ohm or 300wx1@2ohm?

    I'm curious as to which would have more kick;
    A single 300w amp to two 4ohm 10s bridged
    or two 300w amps each to an individual 4ohm 10

    The latter is currently what I have. I'm not getting much kick but I'm getting deafening amounts of "high bass" or that humming/rumbling sound. Whatever you want to call it.

    The 10's are ancient mtx's in a vented, parallel box and came with a tiny 200w amp. But the guy who had it before me changed it to a series box so I was pushing a 200w amp across 8ohms. After about a year my amp fried and so I got two kicker zx300.1s and it's a lot louder but it doesn't have the kick I'm looking for.

    Any suggestions?

    Also I have MOMO 6500's in the front running off of a pioneer fhp8000(14w rms) HU because I'm waiting on the eclipse XA4200 I ordered but its been on backorder for over a month. I'm afraid of turning my volume up over wind noise because I'm thinking the HU is going to clip and damage them. Is this a legitimate fear? And would it be ok to run my 6500 midwoofers in series and slap em on a zx300.1 with the tweets running of the HU?

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    A pair of 300 watt amps would be 600 watts. A single 300 watt amp even to a pair of subs would be half the power and the more power youve got the louder you are. So for the most output, run a pair of subs off their own 300 watt amp.

    As for the "high bass" youre hearing, Ill bet youve got the low pass filter set way too high like 200 Hz. Try setting it around 80.
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