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    Default Need home theater speakers for pioneer amp help!

    Hi here. I have a few questions.

    So were getting a new house built..I am an audio enthusiast and I am getting home theater prewired for 7.1. I have a Pioneer VSX-1017 reciever. I am currently using JBL E80 towers for front.. JBL N-Center II and was using JBL N24II's for the rear but switched to some small Klipsch satellites. First of all I need to buy bookshelf speakers for the front (to downsize), and I want all my speakers to match (voice matched, visually does not matter)

    I went to a lot of stores and listened to a lot. I am on a budget so want to spend no more than average 250/pair. I need one set of fronts.. a center..and 2 pairs of rears (rears must be wall mountable)
    Mostly use them for music and TV..40% of the time for movies, usually action.

    I have pretty much narrowed it down between Klipsch and Polk, and I have been finding that Klipsch have a great dispersion, the tweeters are a little overkill and start to bother me after awhile. The Polk's sound much more natural and toned down IMO.

    I saw some Polk's with dual 5.25" woofers..midsize bookshelf speaker. Liked those. Any suggestions on what I should look at..or if I should look elsewhere besides Polk?

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    These are fantastic systems for those on a budget and want to buy all their speakers at once.

    Google reviews for the SBS-01 package, they are great. I use their 5.1 system on my secondary system.
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    Welcome to the forum. The speakers your describing sound like the new TSi200's from Polk. They retail @ Best Buy for $300 a pr. If you don't NEED the dual drivers, then IMO, you should enjoy the TSi100's @ $200.00/ pr.
    Happy hunting.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I do not know if I need the dual drivers or not..its in a smaller section of the finished basement but the rest of the basement is rectangular..but pretty large. I'm guessing dual drivers would be more fulfilling with sound? My e80's are dual driver..but much larger that what I am looking to buy.

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