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    Thumbs up HBO - Generation Kill - "Get Some"

    Anyone saw its debut "Get Some" (this week) episode last night?

    Looks promising. Compared to BoB, the premise of the war (obviously) is very different, but it should be interesting anyways.
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    I looked at some of the previews on the website; Looks interesting, but I've actually read both Generation Kill (told from an embedded reporter's view) and One Bullet Away which is Lt. Fick's first hand recounting of his experience in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Unfortunately, I don't think the show will ever do those books justice.
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    I saw last nights episode. This is a 7 part mini series. All in all I enjoyed it and will continue watching.

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    Anybody finish this series tonight? I know it is over, but I just finished watching the first three episodes and I have to say that I have enjoyed it very much.

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