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    Default Opinion on amps needed....

    I have the oppurtunity to buy an Acurus DIA-100 integrated amp designed by Mondial. It's 100wpc/8ohms or 150wpc/4ohms. the preamp is passive so basically it is a straight wire (no gain) with an attenuator and an input selector. I understand the amp is well regarded but the company is no longer in business... the amp retailed for $1000 and I can pick it up for $250.

    I also was given a Nakamichi PA-5 Stasis Class-A amp, rated at 100 wpc/8-ohms. but in order to run it I need to buy a pre-amp and am looking for a matching Nakamichi CA-5 pre-amp (average used price is $350-400). WHile the amp sounds very smooth with good depth and clarity, this baby runs very hot and is very heavy.

    Question is which way should I go? This amp will be used with the Polk RTA-12C. Altho this speaker is supposed to be efficient, I am finding out the low impedance is causing issues with my current amps. the speaker actually runs about 3-ohms over most of its range and demands a lot of current.
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