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    Default Quick question on biamping CS400i

    I have a wonderful CS400i that I just really dig. However, I was curious about biamping the speaker. The manual mentions high and low frequency amplifiers, so this would indicate that the amp would need to have an active crossover. However, this kinda spits in the face of the fact that the speaker has a built in crossover. Before I go an hook this all up, do I need to crossover my amp, or just take the jumpers out and go to wiring? Thanks for your help, any and all!


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    Make sure you take the jumpers out, also whatever amp is the beefier amp stick on the bottom.
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    Well, I just biamped the CS400i. I won't name all my crappy equipment as I am studying for a career change (in other words, broke), and am cobbling my system together as I find items that I believe have similar qualities. However, my strongest suit is my speakers, and those consist of KEF C55s up front left/right, KEF C40s for surround, Polk CS400i center, and a Martin Logan Depth subwoofer. I have gotten all of them for less than $180 total, so I feel like I have done well (feel free to burn me at the stake me here, I'm a broke semi-old newby).

    But back to the original thought (wow, the age IS kicking in), I am running the CS400i off a Sherwood AD-2210 CP that I believe may be late 70's, or very early 80's. And WOW, it REALLY made a huge difference. I have utilized bi-amplification in my bass guitar rig, and also the PA system for my various bands, but I never have with home stereo/theatre. I had no idea how much better the sound stage, and over all clarity would be. It's incredible!
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