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    Default Good Idea/Bad idea?

    So I got my SR 6500's installed. I'm still trying to tweak with the settings (specially the crossover points).

    The mid/highs are just about perfect, as I have the tweeters in the A pillars firing towards the opposite side passenger, and the mids are just great.

    However, my install cannot be that great, and I think that the midbass suffers a bit because of it. Since my stock speaker location is 4x6, and my doors are full of holes, it's just hard to create a baffle. (Maybe I will go fancy and have a place build me some door pods eventually, but not in the near future).

    So anyway, since my install/gear is becoming more SQ oriented than just a 'replace OE equipment' set up, I got an idea:

    I'm thinking about replacing my subs (2 polk momo 12's) with a single SR (10 or 12 I'm not sure). The amp I have would be perfect for it, as it produces 370x2 @ 4 ohms, so I would just get a DVC version of the SR sub.

    I could save a lot of trunk space, and perhaps such a sub would be sharper and give me better sq. I have noticed that my gains for the sub amp are actually quite low anyway, and I find I could have plenty of headroom if I wanted more bass, so maybe one sub would still be plenty?

    What do you ppl think?

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    I think your 2 polk momo's would be louder. I doubt youd hear much of an audible difference. Well, you would, but I think you'd hear more of a difference properly sound deadening your doors and making a solid baffle for your mids.
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    If money is an issue I would run with the subs you have and totally deaden and seal your doors. I have never heard a MOMO sub but the SR is one of my favorites.

    I wasn't very happy with the mid bass of the 6500's until I deadened. If you would like some links to door deadening and sealing let me know.
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    The main reason why I thought about this is because the gains on my amp are very low, and yet I can still get plenty of bass. So I think that the total volume is not as much of a concern, whereas audio quality is more of an interest.

    However, the subs are crossed at 80hz with an 18db/oct. slope, so I don't know how much "sound quality" there is at such frequencies.

    ANyway, please feel free to send me any info on the door deadening.

    Thank you.

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