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    Default Single Voice Coil vs. Dual Voice Coil

    While not exactly troubleshooting problem, I am hoping for some advice...

    I am considering purchasing the Polk MOMO MM2124 series 12" subwoofer, but I was wondering what the differences are between single voice coils and dual voice coils. Are there any benefits between one and the other? How would the specifications on the amp change? Would one make a better sub for exclusively techno music over the other? Would one "hit harder?"


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    It's a gimmick to be able to better match the sub(s) to the amp(s). Make sure you get the proper TOTAL load.

    So if you want 4 speakers and your amp is 1 ohm mono stable, you would need each sub to come out to 4 ohms(single or dual voice coil).

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    still confusing how does dvc works and what should be the wiring to the sub should be.

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    If you understand transformers and how they are wired up, a DVC sub is a center tapped sub.

    Basically, you cut the voicecoil in half and slap it back together to have 4 wires instead of 2. Same size voicecoil, same strength, just more ways to wire it.

    JlAudio has good tutorials:

    what you're looking for is:

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    dvc is having to ohm loads of the same value in one speaker.
    Say you have a 4 ohm Single coil. Then the sub is simply a 4ohm woofer.
    But if you have a DVC 4ohm sub then you can wire it to be a 2ohm or a 8ohm sub with differant wireing configs.
    Try this link it should help you understand the wiring differances with single and dvc subs.
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    This might be a crazy question but, the combined inductor's mH's dont double, do they? Meaning the low Fr cut doesnt change?

    If each coil was .90mH which gave a cut @ ~1khz. Things would not double if both coils were hooked?

    Giving, 1.80mH @ ~500hz?
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    If the coils are wired in series, they add up.

    If they are wired in parallel, they divide.

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    more coils = more power handling ....and what he said ^
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