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Thread: Amp for lsi9

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    Default Amp for lsi9

    Do you think a Mark Levinson 29 would be enough to power 1 pair of lsi9's? It is 100 watts into 4 ohms but is stable to 2 ohms?

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    Anything 2 ohm stable should work just fine.

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    I would hope anything with the Levinson name (and price) would do justice to the Lsi9s. . . regardless of if they met Cathy's 200wpc benchmark or not :)

    Go for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctrulock View Post
    Do you think a Mark Levinson 29 would be enough to power 1 pair of lsi9's? It is 100 watts into 4 ohms but is stable to 2 ohms?

    Ummmm......yes. Levinson is outstanding gear. When you are at that level of gear you have no worries.

    The Pass Labs Aleph30 is 30 wpc and I will have no problem running my SDA's with that.

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    Check out Carver Sunfire. I run my whole HT with a Cinema Grand Sig. 7 & its rated (on paper) at 800wpc @ 4ohms. Trust me it was the best money I have ever spent (well other then my SVS sub + Velodyne SMS-1 :) ) hehehehehe. If you just want a 2 channel amp check out their Sunfire Signature 600~two. its rated at 600wpc@ 8ohms, 1200wpc @ 4ohms and a time limited basis 4,000 wpc @1ohm rms per channel! Wooohooo. Plus the good thing is you can find these models on eBay and audiogon all the time for a good price. The good thing with sunfire is that even if that items warranty has ran out they will fix it no-matter what is wrong with it for only $450.00 Current Electronics (amplifiers, processors, receivers, preamps). I'm my mind, is cheap considering my amp new would have cost around $4500 and I got the deal of the day from a dealer that was no longer selling sunfire stuff for only $1900 with tax (and it was new).
    So there are deals out there you just have to look and be patient. I waited 6 years before I found the right deal and when I got that thing hooked up, My jaw hit the floor on how much more my LSi9's stood out.

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    Default good amp. to polk lsi9

    my polkaudio LSI9 sound very good,very very good indeed with my 100wpc ROTEL RA1070 integrated amp. the flagship rotel 10 series has a lot of power and clearaty. the lsi9 needs a powerfull amp.
    must to remember the breaking-in time(at least 160 hr.)of the lsi9.
    there is no question a bout the rule of the lsi9,superb speaker.

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