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    Talking Home Theater in Progress, Improved! (pics)

    Hi folks.
    I finally made up my mind and got a pair of RTiA1's and for now they are my front speakers. Oh, the improvement in clarity!
    anyway, here are pics of the before and after.

    Baby steps towards a really nice sound system.......


    RTiA1's replacing an old set of polks, i dont know what series because they arent marked. Velodyne sub moved to front and center for a while to see if I like it better. The rack full of gear moved off to the side to make the room generally nicer. CSi25 center, Kenwood 5.1 reciever. And a Logitech Harmony 550 remote, that brings up the spousal acceptance factor!

    later, when my budget allows, i will replace my rear speakers too. i am leaning towards using a pair of Atrium45's. my brother in law has them as rears to his monitor40's / csi3 setup. sounds good at their house.

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    Austin Tx


    lookin good -- that really cleaned it up moving the rack off to the left

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