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    crack'n corn an' I don't care


    It doesn't get any better than Ricardo's offer. Some of you should really consider it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vonnie123 View Post
    From the preamp to the powered subwoofer, I have an Audioquest sub cable. Should a subwoofer cable also be used on the subwoofer output from a SACD multi-channel player to the preamp? Thanks.
    Vonnie-see wat you started? ;)
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    Right here.


    Post # 90

    Where it says diference, it really means difference
    Where it says satiscation, it really means satisfaction.

    Gotta love the no editing $hit
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmadden28 View Post
    Vonnie-see wat you started? ;)
    Wow lots of responses for sure. Appreciate everybody who weighed in to the original post.

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