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    Default db400's in a bike

    I'm considering replacing my 2000 Yamaha Royal Star Ventures speakers with 4 polk db400's. Anybody have any experince or input on this? Ths stock speakers sound ok but are weak on bass.
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    Either way, a 4" is still a 4" and shouldn't really be playing any bass anyway. The best thing to do is to take the fairing apart first to ensure there are no odd mounting brackets that might cause problems. While apart, also check any depth issues.

    Luckily, they're relatively straight forward. I want to put half of a Polk Audio DB5251 component set on my bike...unfortunately it'd have to be completely custom since I dont have speakers. But I'm not sure I want to shell out the $150 for a full component set...especially when all I need is half. I'm going to call Polk tomorrow and see how much it costs to buy it separate, unfortunately I think its going to be about the same as what I can get the full set online.
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