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    Default Noob question please help

    Whats up guys, my question is this how hard can i push my subwoofers, right now its on 0 on my reciever but on my subs there up to max, how do i know when im pushing them too hard.(i dont want to blow them)

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    Listen for any type of distortion, if you hear any turn it down. Another trick is to look at the woofer in operation. See any excess / abnormal movement? Turn it down.

    So long as you do this and feed it good clean power, you'll be ok.

    Oh, and don't boost the bass. That's one sure way to let it die an early death.
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    i have another question when there is no music playing and i turn up or down the volume my subs make this weird clicking noise what can cause that?


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    ^^^^What Face said.

    That is IMO a worse noise than distortion for a sub. It means you are bottoming out the woofer. That is, making the woofer try to move farther than physically possible to create a low frequency sound. If they do that regularly then you are pushing them too hard. Eventually you will cause permanent damage.

    Turn down the volume so they do not make that noise any more. If you are not satisfied with the bass at that setting then I am sorry to say you will have to get a more capable sub.
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    I'm thinking you have to tweak set up if the volume knobs on the sub are at max. increase it at the reciever maybe? (should go up to +10) I usually calibrate the theater with the sub no higher than 11. if your having a hard time doing that, you might need a beefier sub.

    how big is you listening area?
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    the room is 12x12 the clicking noise happenes on low volumes too its only when i turn the volume up or down never when i play music, i never hear a clicking or popping noise when i play music or watch a movie

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