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Thread: sealed/ported

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    Default sealed/ported

    I was wondering if it would sound like crap if i put two subs in the car one with a sealed box and the other ported. would the combination give me the positive aspects of both or together produce something awful?

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    I would not recommend doing this- ported subwoofers have totally different phase characteristics then sealed subs. The output at the tuning frequency of the ported sub is nearly 180 degrees reversed from that of the sealed sub.

    In plain english, at certain points the ported sub's output will actually cancel out the sealed sub's output. Never mix subwoofer brands, models, or designs when playing over the same frequencies. At some points the subs will be very loud, at other points the subs will have almost no output at all. So, yes it will "sound like crap" :D
    -Polk Audio

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