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    Default IR remote Volume control ??

    I am trying to use my vintage component Stereo System for an entertainment center. Vintage 1977.
    "Audio Research" pre-amp,
    "Quad" amp
    "Polk 10" monitors

    I wish to control the volume with an IR remote ...... somehow?

    My original thinking was, that it would be simple to increase or decrease the signal before it entered my Pre-Amp. .........
    Just the volume... not control the balance.

    I would preset my pre-amp volume to 50% and set the balance.
    Then with a IR remote adjust the signal up or down prior to the pre-amp input ............ to control the volume ........
    but how? Is this possible?

    Any advice of a product or item to do this?

    I can solder and build a board and or fabricate a box, but I am lost on the electronic theory ...
    I think a commercial product may save me a lot of frustration.

    If you can tell me what to ask for, .....
    or if you have a named commercial product in mind?
    I would appreciate it!

    Thanks for your time
    Tony Anzalone
    Winter Haven, Florida

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    Aug 2008
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    I just started looking at and investigating something called a "Passive Preamp"
    It appears that it links between the preamp output and the amp and can also be remote controlled.

    This may be the answer but I am not sure if it will hurt system performance ?
    Any help ???

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