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    Question Matching Center & Sub

    I have some in-walls (RCi Series) and need a center channel. When I go to the support page to see what speakers match the RCi series I get the RM and the Monitor series. Can someone confirm the RM8 (or RM7) will be timber matched for the RC55i and RC65i? I have been looking for a small center to match my in-walls and I just want to make sure I have finally found one. Otherwise I will need to go with a much larger center.

    Also, can someone suggest a sub that would be a good match for a 7.1 setup with RC55i's?
    I appreciate any help you can provide.

    The support link I visited:


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    I'm not sure what model is better suited for your system, but I have a perfect RM1600 that I have forsale if you decide that will work as well.

    PM me if interersted.

    Yamaha DSP-A1
    Denon 2900
    Yamaha TX 492
    Yamaha EQ 630
    Monster Power HKS II 3600
    Polk CS350
    Polk RM1200
    Polk PSW125
    And hopefully some RTA 15 or 12's if I can find a set ;)

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    Is the RM1600 a match for the RCi series? I have been looking for a very small center to match the RCi series (RC55i) for a while and was always told the CSR was the smallest. I was hoping the RM8 would be a match, it would be just the right size. If not I have to mount something much larger to the wall above the TV (which Im trying to advoid).

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